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Getting Free Traffic

Like many, you ask: “How to rank my website on Google?” Once your site is optimized, search engines can begin to understand your content better and reward your site with organic rankings that lead to getting free clicks! Think of search engines like a Librarian who is tasked with placing new books into the most relevant (shelf) section. When properly optimized, your website can speak to the search engines with the same clarity a well-written and designed book cover hints at what a reader would be learning about within the pages of the book.  One exception, Google actually reviews and reads your website content!  It must be optimized if you want to see it ranking against all known competing content offering the same products or services.  Doing it better than everyone else means your website will enjoy free clicks every day!

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Google Ads Management

Be seen in less than 10 minutes from right now! Yes, we can have your ads seen by your target audience for the most relevant keyword terms, and only during the time of day you want. We’ll help you get found on Google by people searching for exactly what you offer. Dominate your market on mobile searches and get calls all day long from your AdWords campaigns. Most people are unaware that with a higher “(CTR) Click Thru Ratio”, achieved by having very compelling Ads written and to entice User clicks, Google will automatically lower your cost per click because they know more clicks at a slightly lower cost per click means more for them than charging a competing advertiser higher click cost for fewer clicks. It’s automatically built into the Adwords system but sadly most advertisers don’t understand this amazing benefit and overspend unnecessarily. Let us help craft your ads and manage your Adwords account for maximum ROI. Spending smart means thinking smarter!

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Landing Page Importance

You got the click, now what?  Putting your prospect directly in front of the content, products or services they seek is paramount to converting them into a customer. It’s not always your homepage.

A simple example would be you sell shoes…men’s and women’s. If a Google user entered the keyword term “men’s casual shoes” would it be better to have them land on a webpage showing men’s casual shoes or your homepage?   While either “might” result in a sale, I think it is pretty obvious getting the User “directly” to the product they specifically showed interest in as quickly as possible means you can increase your conversions with this little understanding. Optimizing those internal pages of your website is essential to helping the engines index your “entire” website so the (POE – Points Of Entry) to your website are as relevant as possible which helps improves conversion upon arrival.

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Done Right, It Works!

Search engine optimization (SEO), when done by an experienced company like, can generate a substantial increase in the number of visitors to your website each month.

As the total number of pages indexed by the major search engines continues to grow at a rapid pace, so too has the challenge for achieving top rankings. has quickly grown into an industry specialist with over two decades of satisfied clients worldwide.

Our objective is to improve your online visibility by employing search engine-friendly techniques that produce measurable results over time. NO TRICKS…just search engine positioning techniques that work!


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